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Reasons to use the Archuser pubhole:

This DNS server supports ICANN DNS names as well as OpenNIC domains.

We offer DoH (DNS over HTTPS) which can be found here

We offer DoT (DNS over TLS) which can be found here

All server-side DNS requests will be encrypted, reguardless of DoH usage. (clients using the port 53 address will be unencrypted from client to server but server to authoritative will be encrypted.

In-built ad blocking

NOTE: we reboot this serer at 0:00 UTC every Sunday for regular maintenance. If this will be a problem for you, DO NOT USE THIS DNS SERVER.

How to check your DNS speeds

We don't provide speed metrics since they are dependant on user location and internet speeds.

Users will need to determine their own DNS speeds below. NOTE: This uses the DoH resolver


Measure-Command { curl }


time curl -s

Links to important resources:

Go to status page
Lookup a record
Website source
Go to PADD panel
Go to pi-hole public IP addresses
List of used block lists
List of used DoH servers
What happends in the backend
Privacy policy

ICANN based search engine (SearXNG @
OpenNIC based search engine (grep.geek)

If you encounter a link that needs to work but does not (ex: had this issue) then feel free to email me using the contact info below about it.

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